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How to Promote the Profession – Teamwork

23 Feb

Throughout this blog, I have written my opinions on why an AT should be at every high school in the US, but this blog is too small a forum to accomplish that goal.  What it will take to achieve that level of care for all high school athletes is a collective effort by thousands of ATs across the country to promote the profession.  This series of blog entries will seek to give ideas to the AT on real life ways that they can also promote the profession.


Last night, the girls’ basketball team traveled for a first round District playoff basketball game.  We played at the opposing team’s gym as they were the higher seed.  Since nothing else was happening in athletics at home, I traveled with the team to tend to the pre-game taping (1 ankle, 1 finger) and then anything that should arise during the course of play.

Play was a bit physical and the talent level of the players was far superior to the talent level of the officials both ways.  While in possession of the ball, one of my athletes collided with another player and ended up with Continue reading