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Policy and Procedure Development – Lightning Safety

19 Apr

If you were to research lawsuits and investigations into sports injuries, the programs that have written protocols, policies and procedures fare the best.  Writing and following these plans protect the athletic program and employees.

One of the first things that ATs establish written protocols and policies covering everything from Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) with the school/team physician to communication between the coaches and AT staff. 

Lightning Safety Procedures

Lightning is an awesome display of the power of nature.  According to the National Weather Service, lightning and tornadoes are responsible for 57 deaths per year based on a 30 year average.  Lightning was also responsible for $6.6 billion of damages in 2009.  With high incidences of deaths, injuries and damage, it is important for school districts to develop a lightning safety protocol. Continue reading

Athletic Trainer not allowed to be at practice and death ensues.

19 Mar

Orlando, FL – The death of University of Central Florida football player Ereck Plancher in the off-season of 2008 is still under investigation.  Ereck died from an extremely strenuous obstacle course after a workout.  The strain of the workout and then the obstacle course triggered his blood cells to sickle and the resulting cascade of events eventually causing his death according to the autopsy results.

What is at issue in this case is the reported lack of water and medical help available to the practice. Continue reading

News – Is your school prepared?

9 Mar

Northwest IN -The tragic death of Fennville HS star Wes Leonard should have ALL athletic departments, coaches and parents throughout the country asking “Is my school prepared to properly handle this type of situation?”

In the multiplicity of stories surrounding the death of Michigan high school basketball star Wes Leonard, one acronym has stood out, CPR.

However, two have been curiously absent, AED and ATC. Continue reading

The Athletic Trainer Skill Set – Part 1, Prevention

11 Jan

The typical athletic trainer has a diverse skill set that they must constantly develop and hone.  This series of blog entries will seek to focus on the skill set that most athletic trainers possess in order to effectively do their job in the traditional setting.  Collectively, this skill set makes the AT a very valuable resource to the athletes, coaches and administration that they serve.

Part 1 – Prevention

One of the first things students interested in an athletic training career learns is the 5 domains of athletic training.  Injury prevention is at the top of that list.  Why is it number one?  Because prevention of injury is our main focus much of the time, especially when we first get hired.  The following are real life ways that ATs prevent injury: