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What is stopping you, Overwhelmed?

12 Feb

The best thing about the playoffs in high school sports is getting to go to another school and having the chance to speak with another AT.  Last night, our girls’ basketball team played a conference championship tie breaker at a neutral site.  Not only was the host sites’ AT in attendance, so was the opposing team’s AT.  It was a rare chance to see 2 other ATs and sit and talk.  It is always refreshing and invigorating to be able to talk to other ATs.

When ATs get together, we always talk about coaches, athletes, working nights and weekends, etc.  There are always stories that just make you shake your head or roll your eyes at the antics that always go on in high school sports.  It is one of the aspects of athletic training that makes the job so interesting and so much fun.

But often, ATs conversation turn to the “State of the Union”.  How is athletic training doing as a profession?  Continue reading