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Athletic Trainer not allowed to be at practice and death ensues.

19 Mar

Orlando, FL – The death of University of Central Florida football player Ereck Plancher in the off-season of 2008 is still under investigation.  Ereck died from an extremely strenuous obstacle course after a workout.  The strain of the workout and then the obstacle course triggered his blood cells to sickle and the resulting cascade of events eventually causing his death according to the autopsy results.

What is at issue in this case is the reported lack of water and medical help available to the practice. Continue reading

News – ATC applies AED to Ref and saves life!

12 Feb

Exeter, NH – The AT at Raymond HS applied the AED and an off-duty EMT started CPR to begin the Chain of Survival.

Evans, 62, had made a violation call during a junior varsity girls’ basketball game between Raymond and Epping on Jan. 24 in Raymond. After re-starting play and crossing the half court area, his vision suddenly became blurry. The next thing he knew he was Continue reading

News Article – ATC saves Two Lives

17 Jan

One of the ATCs at Central College in Pella, Iowa was instrumental in saving a life:

But when two Pella residents went into cardiac arrest last spring, Viesselman and other Central College athletic trainers played instrumental roles in saving their lives. The two men may not have survived if the trainers weren’t around to perform CPR and employ the AED (Automatic External Defibrillator) right away. Their quick response was vital.

Then just 60 days later, the ATCs were called to action once again: Continue reading

News Article – Athletic Trainer, Coach and Nurse save an Athletes Life

9 Jan

This story, from Milford, Connecticut, is another real-life example of why athletic trainers are needed in America’s high schools.  According to the story, a substitute AT, the head coach, the referee and a good-samaritan nurse are all credited with saving the life of an injured ice hockey player.   The defenseman was reportedly hit in the chest by a puck and his heart stopped.  Kudos to the administration of this hockey team for ensuring Continue reading