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Public Relations – What is stopping you?

31 Jan

In this series of blog entries, I will relate from my own experiences what prevented me from participating in opportunities to promote the profession of athletic training.  It has taken me some time to grasp what it means to promote the profession and to become aware of public relations.  I always sat and wished that the NATA would do more for ATs when it came to PR, but now I realize that I am the NATA and I can do something for PR.  It is not up to “them” to promote the profession, it is up to “us”!  Be proactive and take a chance to promote the profession!

Part 1 – Myopia

Myopia is also known as near sightedness.  Simply put myopia is  good vision of what is close to you but blurry vision of things in the distance.  In this analogy, myopia is referring to being caught up in the present and not being able to see the big picture.  You can’t see the forest for the trees. Continue reading