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What is Our Focus?

15 Dec

Two recent articles have me thinking about what our role as Athletic Trainers is towards the athletes that we provide health care to.  In a New York Times article, a former Denver Bronco Nate Jackson calls out athletic trainers in the NFL.  He says:

This harsh reality is softened by human relationships. Football players spend every day with the members of their team’s medical staff. They learn to trust them. The athletic trainers nurse the players back to health when they are injured. Continue reading

Skill Set – Resiliency

26 Aug

The typical athletic trainer has a diverse skill set that they constantly develop.  This series of blog entries will seek to focus on the skill set that most athletic trainers possess in order to effectively do their job in the traditional setting.  Collectively, this skill set makes the AT a very valuable and unique resource to the athletes, coaches and administration that they serve.


Resiliency is a buzzword around our school district this year and a major theme for our teachers and administration during our In-Service seminars heading into the new year.  As I sat and listened to our administration speak on resiliency, it hit me that this is a prominent skill that ATs have had for years.  Athletic trainers are resilient. Continue reading

Why athletes need ATs – Supplements

4 Apr

Why do athletes or athletic departments or teams need the services of an athletic trainer?  This will be a series of articles attempting to examine the unique and important roles that athletic trainers play in the lives of the people that they care for.


The nutritional supplement industry is a multi-billion dollar industry.  This is especially true when it comes to sports nutrition where there are billions of dollars to be garnered by thousands of companies marketing, manufacturing and distributing nutritional supplements.  Continue reading

Boston Red Sox’s Mike Reinhold is leading the fight against team’s injury woes

28 Mar

Boston, MA – Mike Reinhold, PT, ATC is at the forefront in baseball in preventing injury.  Baseball players are tough players to work with because of the idosyncrasy’s, tradition and culture of baseball.  Many baseball players still believe that strength training is harmful for them.  But Mike has been able to work through those barriers and is now embarking on an ambitious program to prevent injuries to the Red Sox.

The Red Sox placed 19 players on the disabled list last season, with multiple stints for Mike Cameron, Jacoby Ellsbury, and Dustin Pedroia. By the time their fractured season was over, the team had lost players for 1,018 games. Continue reading

Athletic Trainers – a well oiled machine

24 Mar

The NHL Montreal Canadiens’ medical staff was put to the test in early March, 2011.
It was two weeks ago Tuesday night that Canadiens forward Max Pacioretty was laying face down in front of his team’s bench, unconscious.

Unknown at that moment was that the 22-year-old had suffered a non-displaced fracture of his C4 vertebra and a severe concussion, the result of being driven into a thinly padded, glass-supporting stanchion at the end of the visitors’ bench by Boston Bruins captain Zdeno Chara.

The sickening c Continue reading

NHL’s Flyers use Slurpees for Rehydration

23 Mar

Somethings about athletic training are just plain fun.  Being innovative and on the cutting edge is one of them.

The first-place Flyers frequently have a frozen beverage machine in their dressing room, filled with a concoction that “starts as a green-tea extract and comes in different fruit flavors” and that cools the body while replenishing nutrients. Continue reading

News – UTEP Womens’ Basketball battles injury

4 Mar

Playoff time is not just a stressful time for coaches and athletes, but even more so for ATs.  Coaches and players prepare for months and often years to win a championship and the period of time to win the championship is very small.  With such a small window of time, any injury to key players becomes magnified.  The pressure the athlete, coach and fans put on the injured player to compete for the championship becomes more intense.  ATs know the pressure and the desire to win, but must also balance the health of the athlete with the desire to win.  These facts are displayed in an article in UTEP’s student newspaper.

The women’s basketball team has suffered through a handful of injuries,  greatly affecting the team. Continue reading