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Promote the Profession – Generate Reports

4 Feb

Throughout this blog, I have written my opinions on why an AT should be at every high school in the US, but this blog is too small a forum to accomplish that goal.  What it will take to achieve that level of care for all high school athletes is a collective effort by thousands of ATs across the country to promote the profession.  This series of blog entries will seek to give ideas to the AT on real life ways that they can also promote the profession.

Part 4 – Generate Reports

One of the best ways to prove the athletic trainer’s value to their employer is to generate a report.  This report should use the current monetary value of athletic training based CPT codes.  You can look up the current value on the AMA website here.  You can find a complete list of CPT codes for ATs on the NATA website here.  If you have a good understanding of what ICD codes and CPT codes are, or you need to understand more about 3rd Party Reimbursement, view this PowerPoint presentation by Dr. Jeff Konin, ATC to get an overview of the process. Continue reading