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News – Is your school prepared?

9 Mar

Northwest IN -The tragic death of Fennville HS star Wes Leonard should have ALL athletic departments, coaches and parents throughout the country asking “Is my school prepared to properly handle this type of situation?”

In the multiplicity of stories surrounding the death of Michigan high school basketball star Wes Leonard, one acronym has stood out, CPR.

However, two have been curiously absent, AED and ATC. Continue reading

News – ATC saves life of a rec. hockey player

17 Feb

Everett, WA – The how-to’s of CPR are clearly explained in the newest AHA Guidelines.  Check for response.  If there is no response assign someone to get an AED, assign someone else to call 911.  Open the airway. Look, listen and feel for breathing.  If there is not breathing, you administer 2 breaths and start compressions.  Every 30 compressions give 2 breaths.  Continue until the AED arrives or the ambulance arrives.  Early access to an AED and advanced life support is the most important step in survival.

Chris Walker did all those steps and saved the life of Continue reading