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Why Athletes Need Athletic Trainers – Continuity

10 Jan

Why do athletes or athletic departments or teams need the services of an athletic trainer?  This will be a series of articles attempting to examine the unique and important roles that athletic trainers play in the lives of the people that they care for.

Part 3 – Continuity of Care, Continuity of Communication

Having worked in the high school setting for 13 school years as a certified athletic trainer plus another 4 school years for my internship, I have worked with a lot of 2, 3 and even 4 sport athletes.  Yes, some athletes play 4 sports participating in soccer and as the football kicker simultaneously or in baseball and track.  Even those these athletes are great all around athletes with phenomenal fundamental movement skills and conditioning levels, they occasionally get hurt (though at a much less rate than 1 sport athletes in my observation).  Continue reading