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Athletic Trainers – a well oiled machine

24 Mar

The NHL Montreal Canadiens’ medical staff was put to the test in early March, 2011.
It was two weeks ago Tuesday night that Canadiens forward Max Pacioretty was laying face down in front of his team’s bench, unconscious.

Unknown at that moment was that the 22-year-old had suffered a non-displaced fracture of his C4 vertebra and a severe concussion, the result of being driven into a thinly padded, glass-supporting stanchion at the end of the visitors’ bench by Boston Bruins captain Zdeno Chara.

The sickening c Continue reading

Why Athletes Need Athletic Trainers – Access

6 Jan

Why do athletes or athletic departments or teams need the services of an athletic trainer?  This will be a series of articles attempting to examine the unique and important roles that athletic trainers play in the lives of the people that they care for.

Part 1 – Access

Can you name another health-care profession that gives you the instant and convenient access that the AT provides in the traditional setting (high school, college, sports teams)?  Almost all health care professionals in today’s world go to their office and patients come to them.  Most of the time, patients must make appointments.  Doctors used to make house calls, but that is an extreme rarity these days.  Continue reading