Skill Set – Experience

6 Feb

The typical athletic trainer has a diverse skill set that they constantly develop.  This series of blog entries will seek to focus on the skill set that most athletic trainers possess in order to effectively do their job in the traditional setting.  Collectively, this skill set makes the AT a very valuable and unique resource to the athletes, coaches and administration that they serve.


February is an anniversary for me.  I passed the BOC test in February, 1995.  So, I have been an AT for 17 years now.  I remember thinking when I passed that test and got that packet with the ATC credential that I had arrived.  That I had all the skills necessary to be an AT for all athletes.  I was ready to take on anything and anyone with my expertise and had the credential to show it. Continue reading

Luxury or Necessity?

11 Jan

This morning, this article about a local to me high school caught my eye.  The title alone is thought provoking “Injury prompts Shanksville to reconsider athletic trainer.”  Somehow this school thought it prudent to cut $2,500 in spending and not provide basic athletic training services for the athletes of the school.  According to the PIAA, this school has an enrollment of 105 students in 9-12 grade and competes in 5 boys’ and 7 girls’ sports.  Basketball is the only contact sport listed, but in my experience baseball, softball, cross country, tennis and volleyball are all sports that keep the AT busy.

Today’s economy and lack of funding for public education has school districts, private schools and even public and private colleges and universities closely examining budgets.  The economic climate has administrations at every level attempting to answer the question “Is the provision of athletic training services a luxury that we provide our athletes or Continue reading

What is Our Focus?

15 Dec

Two recent articles have me thinking about what our role as Athletic Trainers is towards the athletes that we provide health care to.  In a New York Times article, a former Denver Bronco Nate Jackson calls out athletic trainers in the NFL.  He says:

This harsh reality is softened by human relationships. Football players spend every day with the members of their team’s medical staff. They learn to trust them. The athletic trainers nurse the players back to health when they are injured. Continue reading

The Need for Educated Professionals

1 Dec

If you have been around high school sports for more than 10 years or more, you have seen the effects of youth sports on the athletes who play.  I have seen first hand “super star” youth players that don’t live up to the hype in high school.   I have seen baseball players who can’t throw a baseball across the infield due to poor training and overuse in the younger levels.  I have seen soccer players who’s legs are “done” by the time they are in high school due to year round demands on them.  I have seen several middle school athletes tear their ACLs.  I have worked on 9th grade baseball pitcher who had 3 rotator cuff tears (revealed by MRI).

On 11/26/2011, Christopher Smith wrote an article for the Eagle Tribune that documents the injuries that young baseball players are having at a younger age.   Continue reading

What do you do? What do you make?

7 Nov

I am sure you are asked this question all the time when you meet people for the first time in a casual setting and the conversation starts with your career.  I saw this posted on a fellow ATs Facebook today and I thought I would post it to my blog.  Please feel free to post this on your Facebook status!

..Oh.. you’re a trainer?? (NO! I’m an Athletic Trainer, not a trainer) Oh, that’s cool, I wanted to do that. What do you make?” “WHAT DO I MAKE?? I make an ankle sprain that some Continue reading

News – Follow up to October 31

4 Nov

In late October I wrote this blog entry entitled “He is the injured athletes go to guy.”  The news article highlighted in the blog entry prompted this letter to the editor written by an AT in the county.

As one of the 20 full-time high school athletic trainers in Wake County, I appreciated Burgetta Eplin Wheeler’s Oct. 28 column getting the word out about what athletic trainers do and Continue reading

News – Having an Athletic Trainer is the Way to Go

3 Nov

In the 10 months that I have spent writing the blog, I have read a lot of articles written about individual athletic trainers and articles about the profession of athletic training.  Most of the articles try to succinctly articulate the role of an athletic trainer and the valuable services provided.  This article may be on the of the best at relating the scope of the expertise and education of an athletic trainer.

Any team that has ever had the opportunity to work with an athletic trainer for a season, not a physiotherapist, not a person who has some first aid training, but a certified athletic trainer, would have to admit to the obvious difference in proficiency and efficiency in the way an athletic trainer attends to and deals with his/her athletes. Athletic trainers are groomed to deal with the specific challenges that accompany working with a team. Everything from assessing an injury on the Continue reading

News – AT Saves Life of 80yo Spectator

1 Nov

California – It isn’t often that an AT has to perform CPR, but situations like this one make the hours of training worth the investment in time and skill development:

niversity of Redlands head athletic trainer Junior Domingo was in the right place at the right time and ended up helping save a man’s life.

Domingo and graduate student trainers Scott Parker and Lauj Preacely, both from Cal Baptist University, were with the University of Redlands football team and going through pregame preparations at Claremont-Mudd-Scripps two weeks ago.

Some players were being taped while others milled around outside the locker room area between the football and soccer fields.

A couple of players ran over to alert Domingo when they saw an elderly man collapse about 20 or so feet away. Continue reading

News – Dodgers to announce 1st Female Head AT

31 Oct

Los Angeles, CA 

The Dodgers are set to make Sue Falsone the first female head athletic trainer in baseball history, according to people familiar with the situation who spoke on condition of anonymity because Continue reading

News – He is the injured athlete’s go to guy

28 Oct

Raleigh, NC – Burgetta Eplin Wheeler of th News Observer in North Carolina wrote an article about the work of Aaron Minger, AT at Boughton HS.  This isn’t a fluff piece of reporting touting the service Aaron provides to the athletes, this is an in depth article focusing primarily at the money he saves the parent’s of the school district.

Hours after the school day has ended, Aaron Minger, Broughton High’s athletic trainer, is idling in a golf cart in the middle of the football practice field, easily accessible to all 120 players. Not 60 seconds after mentioning he’s always on call for other sports, Minger picks up his ringing phone.

It’s the women’s tennis coach, and a player is down. Continue reading