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The 3 Fundamental Purposes in Life

17 Mar

For the past several months, a group of men and I have met every 2 to 3 weeks for lunch and discuss a book.  This is a group of men from church and the conversation is decidedly from a Christian world view, but the topic is real life, not religion.  Our current book study is “Wild at Heart” by John Eldredge.  In the book, the author writes about 3 fundamental needs in life  to fulfill what God made us to be.  In my own interpretation of his teachings, these 3 areas are relationships, adventure and challenge.   I have found that these 3 fundamental needs are true and so profound.  I think one of the things I love about being an AT is that all 3 of these fundamental needs are met within the profession.


ATs are all about relationships and the relationships we experience are unique within Continue reading

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8 Feb

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The Need to Promote the Profession

5 Jan

Athletic training is a behind the scenes health care profession.  ATs often work long before practice and games start and often long after the practices and games are over.  Because of this behind the scenes aspect of the profession, people who are drawn to athletic training are often humble professionals who shy away from attention and the limelight.  This humble, hard-working nature of ATs often means that we miss opportunities to promote the profession.  We don’t like to bring attention to ourselves and we often don’t want to be perceived as someone who strokes their own ego.  ATs are also service-oriented people.  We love to help those who need help and get a deep personal satisfaction in helping others. Continue reading

Introduction to PromotetheProfession

3 Jan

PromotetheProfession is a blog promoting athletic training in America’s High Schools.   Athletic trainers (ATCs or ATs for short) are a highly trained, health-care professional who care for the nations physically active population.  ATs work with college teams, with professional teams, in high school athletic departments, in physical therapy clinics and recently expanded into the industrial field working with blue collar workers. Continue reading