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What is Our Focus?

15 Dec

Two recent articles have me thinking about what our role as Athletic Trainers is towards the athletes that we provide health care to.  In a New York Times article, a former Denver Bronco Nate Jackson calls out athletic trainers in the NFL.  He says:

This harsh reality is softened by human relationships. Football players spend every day with the members of their team’s medical staff. They learn to trust them. The athletic trainers nurse the players back to health when they are injured. Continue reading

The Need for Educated Professionals

1 Dec

If you have been around high school sports for more than 10 years or more, you have seen the effects of youth sports on the athletes who play.  I have seen first hand “super star” youth players that don’t live up to the hype in high school.   I have seen baseball players who can’t throw a baseball across the infield due to poor training and overuse in the younger levels.  I have seen soccer players who’s legs are “done” by the time they are in high school due to year round demands on them.  I have seen several middle school athletes tear their ACLs.  I have worked on 9th grade baseball pitcher who had 3 rotator cuff tears (revealed by MRI).

On 11/26/2011, Christopher Smith wrote an article for the Eagle Tribune that documents the injuries that young baseball players are having at a younger age.   Continue reading