News – Dodgers to announce 1st Female Head AT

31 Oct

Los Angeles, CA 

The Dodgers are set to make Sue Falsone the first female head athletic trainer in baseball history, according to people familiar with the situation who spoke on condition of anonymity because the move won’t be officially announced until next week.

Falsone has already spent considerable time in the Dodgers’ clubhouse, as she was the team’s physical therapist from 2008-10. She traveled with the team and was popular with players. She was a consultant from the club last season.

Congrats to Sue!

It is disturbing and disappointing to read some of the comments on the webpage announcing the hiring.  50% of all ATs are female and the percentage is rising in favor of females.  A majority of students interested in and enrolled in ATEP programs are female.   These women are hard working, competent and able to very effectively perform the job of an AT.  In fact, they probably have to work harder at honing their craft because of the bias they face as evidenced by the comments on Falsone’s announcement.

Women athletic trainers are not a rarity, and the ones I have worked with have all earned respect from their athletes, parents, athletic directors and coaches.  This is a direct reflection of their abilities as an athletic trainer as all athletic trainers should be judged.


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