New AT proves her worth very quickly

12 Oct

Joe Chandler of the Gazette Virginian highlights the work of athletic trainer Leslie Hodge at Halifax County HS.   He has some very good things to say of her work:

Some people consider an athletic trainer a luxury item when it comes to a high school sports program. However, when one considers the number of student-athletes that participate in sports, an athletic trainer is more of a necessity than a luxury.

Halifax County High School had been without the services of a certified athletic trainer for three years before Leslie Hodge began working with the high school sports programs in August.

Despite having been on the job for just two months, Hodge has made a big impact with both coaches and players.

With Hodge on the sidelines, athletes have instant access to initial injury assessment and treatment. That is critical, especially when it comes to concussions and other head injuries.

“A lot of emphasis has been placed on concussions and head injuries and all of the coaches have gone through training programs for concussions this year and last year,” Wojtecki pointed out.

“While we have received training, it’s good have somebody there that knows more than we do about injuries to the head. When she gives me the look that a player with a head injury is not going back into the game, that’s her call and we’re done. That player is not going back out onto the field.”

The rehabilitation component is also a big benefit, Wojtecki said.

“With an athletic trainer,” he continued, “we know even if a player is out of practice, she (Hodge) is rehabbing them. She is putting those players through workouts and they’re not losing any conditioning, which helps us out a lot. When the players come back, we don’t have to get them back in shape before we put them back into the game. They’re already in shape when they come back, and they’re ready to go.

Halifax County High School Athletic Director Allen Lawter echoed Wojtecki’s sentiments.

“Now,” he continued, “we have someone that has the training to assess injuries and rehab the players. Our coaches can now continue to coach during games and practice and know that their players are receiving the attention they need.

Did you notice how many different athletic training skills were mentioned in this article?  Athletic trainers are HIGHLY SKILLED experts who are a valuable asset to every high school student athlete in the country!

42% of America’s high schools provide athletic training services for their student athletes.  58% of our nation’s schools are missing out on the skill set of athletic trainers.

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