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Why we still need to work to promote the profession

20 Jul

I recently read an article from in Ohio about a local school district titled Mason schools won’t hire athletic trainers.  Board leaves door open to use private funds.”  This is what caught my eye:

School board members approved the idea of a trainer at practices and games to tape athletes’ joints and attend to their injuries, but they balked at the $9,950 annual cost. Continue reading

Vacation – Yes, I took one

20 Jul

You may have noticed that I haven’t put much on the blog in the last month.  That is because with the end of school, playoffs, my own kids’ sports season and a vacation to Colorado.  That’s right a real vacation!  lol.

One of the highlights was a tour of the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs.  One thing that stuck out to me was a sign on the wall before entering a gym that said “Practice like your the worst, compete like your the best.”  I really enjoyed reading that truth because it isn’t just true in sports, it is true in all aspects of life.

For me, I want to approach athletic training, especially in my CEUs and my casual research, with the attitude that I have a lot to learn.  But I want to carry myself at my work with the attitude of professionalism, to hold myself to the highest levels of performance.

I love Colorado especially having grown up there.  It was great to return home, see a lot of family members and to recharge my batteries.  I hope you get the chance to take a break from the daily grind and do something you love.