Why do we need to promote the profession?

16 Jun

Why promote the profession?

Is access to an AT a necessity or a luxury?

Are the 42% of American high schools that provide access to an AT providing a luxury for their athletes or are they providing for their basic needs as an athlete?

Lets turn the tables – Is access to a school nurse a necessity or a luxury?

It is my opinion that school nurses are a necessity not a luxury. Why?  Because the nurse provides many valuable services to the entire school student body.   They give eye exams, hearing tests, keep updated immunization records, provide medicine as needed (with parental permission), educate students in health topics, etc.  The school nurse is a valuable resource for the student’s health needs.  All schools should have the services of a school nurse.

It is also my opinion that an AT is a necessity not a luxury.  Why?  Because the AT provides many valuable services to every single athlete within the athletic department.  They provide expert taping and wrapping services, injury recognition and rehabilitation, access to qualified medical care (i.e. team physician), proper concussion management, etc.  All athletic departments should provide the services of an athletic trainer.

I also firmly believe that if all high schools and middle schools in the United States provided full time access to an AT that most of the concussion legislation being passed throughout the country would not be needed at all.  Much of the laws are aimed at proper recognition and managment of a concussed athlete.  The laws also often mandate that the concussed athlete have access to a qualified health care professional (hopefully an MD/DO).  Access to an AT fulfills all those needs!


One Response to “Why do we need to promote the profession?”

  1. Pete August 31, 2011 at 2:26 pm #

    Schools are looking for ways to eliminate nurses as well. health & pe teachers can handle first aid and the health educational needs of the school. the exams can be outsourced and when someone gets sick, just call the parents. Does tax revenue need to pay $60k per year to dispense drugs and call parents of kids with stuffy noses?

    Schools are trying to outsource where possible. So, the argument isn’t whether we need a trainer. The argument is who will handle and pay for services injured athletes need? Schools don’t want rehab and injury prevention from trainers and they feel the parents can access a physician on their own.

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