How to promote the profession – Youtube

7 Apr

Throughout this blog, I have written my opinions on why an AT should be at every high school in the US, but this blog is too small a forum to accomplish that goal.  What it will take to achieve that level of care for all high school athletes is a collective effort by thousands of ATs across the country to promote the profession.  This series of blog entries will seek to give ideas to the AT on real life ways that they can also promote the profession.

Youtube Videos

I am in my mid-40s and try to keep up with technology.  The technological advances in the past 20 years have been astounding.  Youtube and other video hosting websites are one of those advances that has changed American culture.

When I was young, we had just 5 or 6 TV stations to watch and 10 or so radio stations to listen to.  With limited media, there was limited choices.  For media producers, it also cost a great deal of money to get your media broadcast.  But now that millions of people have access to the internet both to view and produce, the viewing and listening choices are endless.  MTV used to be the only place to watch music videos, but now MTV doesn’t need to since you can watch any music video you want online at any time that you want to watch it.  It used to be that media producers had to go find their audience, now the audience can come find them.

Athletic trainers have constantly complained about lack of national media exposure and often suggested national media campaigns during the Super Bowl, March Madness, World Series, etc.  But with big campaigns used to mean big money spent and the NATA doesn’t have deep resources to launch a multi-million dollar campaign.

But media has changed and we can now take advantage of that change.  It no longer takes millions of dollars to reach millions of people watching a 30 second ad.  All it takes now is some ingenuity, a digital video camera, a computer, someone who knows how to edit video and to upload the video to a media website.

Here are some of my favorites:

A 2 minute clip as an introduction to what an athletic trainer is and does.

An in-depth 13 minute look at athletic training from the athlete’s and parent’s perspective.

A short, educational video by ATs thoroughly explaining a diagnostic clinical joint test.  These ATs have produced several of these great videos and this is a great resource for students and ATs.

And last, but not least, my all time favorite – Athletic Trainer, Smooth Professional.  College students having fun and promoting the profession!

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