Celebrating NATM in Collier County Florida

22 Mar

My colleague and friend, Mike Hopper, says “Every athlete deserves an athletic trainer.”  But 58% of this country’s high schools don’t provide the level of care that Mike suggests is deserved.

An article from Naples, FL highlights what Mike advocates – athletic trainer access for all athletes.

We love to celebrate wins, our favorite high school team putting one in the “win” column. And should there be a district, regional or even state title resulting from a win…that would be cause for a big time celebration.

But I ask you, would our student-athletes and our teams be able to do as well as they do — be as competitive as they are — without a lot of help from our high school athletic trainers? I’d say, probably not.

It is nice to get the credit for the success of the teams, but our successes are measured not in wins and losses but in participation.

The month, just gone by, was National Athletic Training Month. It may not mean much in some corners of the world, but here in Collier County our athletic trainers mean the world to us. Nationwide, only 30 percent to 40 percent of high schools even enjoy the benefit of having trainers. Here we have one full-time certified athletic trainer assigned to each of our seven high schools with athletic programs. Plus, there’s a lead athletic trainer who oversees the others.

And all of this is possible thanks to a 15-year relationship between the school district and NCH Healthcare System. Julie Frymyer is the NCH athletic training coordinator.

“We’re out there before school lets out each afternoon to get things prepared, then it’s at 2 p.m. when complete mayhem occurs — the student-athletes start rushing in,” she said. “We’ll be going non-stop doing treatments, working on rehabs, using ice, heat, and even ultrasound; then the kids are geared up for practice. On game day, we get everything ready for the action on the field or the court.”

Frymyer says trainers keep really busy on a nightly basis. “The other evening we had baseball, softball, and lacrosse going on at a bunch of schools. Then we do it all again the next afternoon at practice.”

Original article

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