Applying Pressure in CA – Its needed!

17 Mar

As I have blogged about this week, CA is 1 of 3 states that does not have any licensure or certification laws protecting the citizens (i.e. athletes and physically active) from unlicensed and negligent athletic trainers.  Many of the media are helping out by writing articles such as this one in support of athletic trainers and in support of state licensure.

This month is recognized by the National Athletic Training Association as National Athletic Training Month.

“I think it’s great,” said Brittany Bauer, a certified athletic trainer and Cal State Fullerton graduate student. “It’s promoting awareness, especially since the profession is growing.”

Along with NATA, the CSUF Athletic Training Education Program is helping to support the movement to increase both the local and national recognition of the often misunderstood profession of athletic training in hopes of preventing and diagnosing injuries like Mallon’s.

“The more recognition you have for the profession, the more respect, the more people will appreciate the need for athletic trainers,” said Rebeca Ribeiro, a second semster CSUF ATEP student.

Currently California is one of three states that does not have licensure or some form of legal recognition for athletic training, according to CSUF assistant athletics trainer Amanda Rice.

In driving the agenda forward of licensure for athletic trainers in California, Rice along with four CSUF students went to Sacramento at the end of February to meet with Congress. The event called “Hit the Hill,” which brought a combination of 300 students and athletic trainers together, was aimed at calling attention to the recently introduced bill, AB 374, known as the “Athletic Trainers Practice Act.”

“Anybody can call themselves an athletic trainer,” said Rice. “You could call yourself an athletic trainer and there is no recourse saying ‘no, you can’t do what you are doing.’”

The bill would provide licensure for the profession and prevent anyone without licensure from practicing athletic training in the state.

CA has a reputation of being a progressive state and ahead of the times on many issues, but they are anything but that when it comes to the licensure and regulation of athletic training.

Read the entire article.

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