News – ATs are the first line of defense

15 Mar

McHenry County, IL – This article is a great showcase for National Athletic Trainers Month!

[Lisa] Nold and her colleagues at Accelerated Rehabilitation Centers, which provides athletic trainers for local high schools, do more than supply the ice and water necessary for practices and games.

They calm nerves after an athlete suffers an injury, can assess situations as they arise, and form relationships with the students and families that transcend bandages and tape.

“The kids make it all worthwhile,” said Nold, who has been Huntley’s athletic trainer for six years. “I have great administration, great coaches, but the kids are the biggest reward.”

March is National Athletic Training Month, and Nold and her colleagues are trying to dispel misconceptions about their rapidly growing profession.

Athletic training, for example, is not physical therapy, Nold said. Doctors refer patients to physical therapy. Athletic trainers are the first responders, referring athletes to doctors if they feel further medical attention is necessary.

Nold and her colleagues are trained to prevent injuries through stretches, taping problematic areas and checking courts and fields for damage that could lead to injury. They run several tests on athletes after they are injured to assess severity. Athletic trainers keep records of the treatment they give and the injuries they see.

And they keep up on their education relentlessly.

Read the rest of the article

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