News – Preparing for Spring Sports

9 Mar

Stroudsburg, PA – The start of spring sports in cold-weather climates is highly anticipated by ATs in a positive way and a negative way.  Spring sports means warmer weather is just around the corner and being able to get outside and enjoy the often pleasant weather.  But it also means thousands of athletes who did very little conditioning over the winter will be getting injured.

The athletic training room at East Stroudsburg South on Monday was eerily quiet.

Over at Stroudsburg, trainer Matt Shelton called it the calm before the storm.

By Thursday, athletic trainers Armand Martinelli at East Stroudsburg South and Shelton at Stroudsburg will be busy again.

“It’s gonna be a mess,” Shelton said of the possibility of spring athletes with preseason injuries.

Monday was the start of the spring sports season in Pennsylvania. It was a day for javelin throwers to get out and start learning their footwork again. It was a day for soccer goalies to practice punting — and it was most definitely a day for muscle pulls, shin splints and blisters to begin to surface.

“Soreness is OK, but it’s not OK if it lasts more than a few days,” Martinelli said. “It’s not OK if they can’t move.”

And depending on the athlete and his or her workout, the soreness should mirror the workout. For track runners or soccer players, both hamstrings might be sore — not just one. One sore muscle on one side of the body is a sign of injury.

“Most times soreness will come bilaterally,” Shelton said. “If they’re sore in the quads or hamstrings, it’s both right and left. It becomes an issue when there is pain in one side of the body.”

Many athletes are using muscles and bending joints they haven’t in some time. It’s normal for baseball players to feel sore in the shoulder or elbow; it’s normal for hurdlers to feel some soreness in their hamstrings this week.

Soreness is normal, but identifying an injury can be important. Seeing a trainer at the first sign of injury might be a smart decision. But Martinelli said some trainers are reconsidering some common treatments.


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