News – UTEP Womens’ Basketball battles injury

4 Mar

Playoff time is not just a stressful time for coaches and athletes, but even more so for ATs.  Coaches and players prepare for months and often years to win a championship and the period of time to win the championship is very small.  With such a small window of time, any injury to key players becomes magnified.  The pressure the athlete, coach and fans put on the injured player to compete for the championship becomes more intense.  ATs know the pressure and the desire to win, but must also balance the health of the athlete with the desire to win.  These facts are displayed in an article in UTEP’s student newspaper.

The women’s basketball team has suffered through a handful of injuries,  greatly affecting the team.

With the Miners 6-9 in Conference USA, the injuries could not have come at a worse time. Three starters, senior guard Sviatlana Trukshanina, junior point guard Briana Green, sophomore forward Anete Steinberga and senior transfer guard Whitney Houston, who comes off the bench, have suffered injuries during this season.

“The pressure is always there to get them back on the court. It doesn’t change how I do things no matter what our season is looking like,” head coach Keitha Adams said. “I’m very aggressive in my approach, I always push them, I never let them sit back and just have a day off. We don’t have time for that in collegiate athletics.”

“Fighting an injury is never easy, but nonetheless some treatment could ease the pain,” assistant athletic trainer Brandon Burris said. “But others require a serious change up.”

It is a serious change indeed for Green, who will not be able to return this season. She will be receiving surgery to recover from her second knee injury and will be back for the next season.

“We’ve been working with Brandon, and he’s going to get us right,” Green said. “We’ve been starting from the basics and working our way up.”

Houston, a senior guard who transferred from Colorado, injured her knee at the beginning of the season. During practices, instead of joining the team for drills, Burris has Houston working on exercises to help strengthen her lower body.

“As an [athletic] trainer, (he) knows what he’s talking about. He pushes us hard,” Houston said. “On the days we’re hurting we come in for treatment and days that we don’t want to do stuff, we still know that we have to workout.”


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