News – The value of participation in sports

4 Mar

One of the most motivating aspects of sports medicine is the ATs knowledge that sports is a great tool to learn the lessons of life.

There’s no doubt that Whitman students are an active bunch: about three out of every four Whitties participate in athletics through varsity sports, club teams and intramural leagues. But not all athletes at Whitman are students. From squash to soccer to swimming, faculty and staff members–many of whom were college athletes as well–find value in continuing to incorporate sports into their lives.

“Sport has always been a passion,” said current Director of Academic Resources Juli Dunn, who served as Whitman’s first certified Head Athletic Trainer from 1993-2008.

As sophomore varsity soccer player at Whitworth University, Dunn suffered an injury that caused her to spend a lot of time in the athletic training room.

“That exposure led me to explore the field [of sports medicine]. I fell in love with it during my first course,” she recalled. “Working as the Head Athletic Trainer allowed me to combine several passions: helping others, sports, and teaching.”

Since coming to Whitman she has earned a blue shirt for intramural kickball and has also played intramural softball.

Dunn is now an active college sports fan and statistic-keeper for her sons’ baseball teams.

“It’s a great way to continue to enjoy those things I love,” she said.


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