News – ATC saves life of a rec. hockey player

17 Feb

Everett, WA – The how-to’s of CPR are clearly explained in the newest AHA Guidelines.  Check for response.  If there is no response assign someone to get an AED, assign someone else to call 911.  Open the airway. Look, listen and feel for breathing.  If there is not breathing, you administer 2 breaths and start compressions.  Every 30 compressions give 2 breaths.  Continue until the AED arrives or the ambulance arrives.  Early access to an AED and advanced life support is the most important step in survival.

Chris Walker did all those steps and saved the life of 56 year old Barry Sarles who was playing in a recreational hockey league.  Chris was headed home from work as the ATC for the Everett  Silvertips professional hockey team.

Walker happened to be walking the tunnel from the Silvertips locker room to the parking lot, about to head home, when he was alerted to a commotion taking place on the other side of the divider that separates the main arena from the community rink.

“I was just leaving the rink, I’d called my wife to say I was on my way and would be home in a couple minutes,” Walker said. “I was walking by the divider wall between the arena and the community rink when I heard one the of the guest services people say, ‘Do you know where our first-aid kit is?’ I asked what was going on and if anybody was hurt.”

It turned out that 56-year-old Barry Sarles had suffered a heart attack while playing in the GSHL game. Sarles was able to skate himself to the bench before collapsing on the bench’s floor.

Both Walker and Chad DeCrow, one of the arena’s Zamboni drivers, reacted quickly and arrived to find Sarles unconscious. Walker assessed Sarles’ condition, finding Sarles wasn’t breathing and had an irregular pulse. Walker called for the arena’s automatic external defibrillator (AED), which was promptly delivered by security staff member Jordan LaPier, and directed a bystander to call 911.

Outstanding performance under pressure by yet another ATC.  ATs are good people to have around!


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