News – ATC is the frontline defense against MRSA

15 Feb

Hauppauge, NY -When St. Anthony’s High School on Long Island found out that an opponent was in intensive care for a MRSA infection, the were concerned.  Their concern was for the health of the opponent – no one wants to see a fellow athlete fighting for life – and for the possible spread of the bacteria to their team.

After consulting with Bro. Gary Cregan, the school’s principal, the team trainer and school nurse inspected every wrestler at St. Anthony’s, from the freshman team to the varsity.

“We did a skin check on every kid,” said Ed Modica, in his second year as the head athletic trainer at St. Anthony’s. “Anyone who had a possible issue we sent to get checked out further. And now we’ll continue to do that on a weekly basis until the season is over.”

The stakes have never been higher.

“The problem with these things is they usually start out looking like something simple – a pimple,” Modica said. “Sometimes it’s hard to distinguish what it is. You have to be overly conservative. As you see with the wrestler fighting for his life, it can be catastrophic.”

Since St. Anthony’s School provides access to an ATC, the athletes were able to be checked daily as needed and appropriate treatments given.  Daily access and monitoring of the player’s health is essential duty that ATs can provide to athletes.


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