News – NFL Lockout will affect the AT/Athlete relationship

13 Feb

Denver, CO – The relationship between the football players and longtime Denver Broncos ATC, Steve Antonopulos, will be greatly affected if the NFL owners and the NFLPA cannot come to terms in March.

When it comes to helping players recover from injuries and rebound from surgeries, the Broncos have long put those efforts in the hands of head athletic trainer Steve Antonopulos and the team’s medical staff.

But a March 4 lockout by NFL owners would mean hands off all around, and that could leave wide receivers Demaryius Thomas and Eddie Royal out in the cold.

Can you imagine being locked out of your job with no access to any healthcare?  How about these 2 stories of recovery from major surgery and now you can’t rehab with the professionals who know what you need to do to get back on the field – the AT?

Given a lockout, the Broncos cannot have Thomas at their Dove Valley complex to conduct his rehab from what can be a difficult injury to overcome. Antonopulos, known as “Greek” around the league, will not allowed to have direct contact with players such as Thomas, but can speak to the doctors handling Thomas’ surgery and rehab. The Broncos can examine and review Thomas’ rehab before March 4.

Royal and other players dealing with injuries from this past season have been rehabbing at the Broncos complex.

This story isn’t unique to the Denver Broncos, it will be the case for all the teams.  No contact between the AT and the players.

I wonder how the players will react to that reality?


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