How to promote the profession – Reports Part 2

9 Feb

Throughout this blog, I have written my opinions on why an AT should be at every high school in the US, but this blog is too small a forum to accomplish that goal.  What it will take to achieve that level of care for all high school athletes is a collective effort by thousands of ATs across the country to promote the profession.  This series of blog entries will seek to give ideas to the AT on real life ways that they can also promote the profession.

Part 4 continued – Generate Reports

I wrote about reports in a blog entry a few days ago.  Today’s blog is a continuation of it, specifically what statistics your report should include.  Knowing ahead of time what statistics you want to include and who you will send to report to will determine what tasks you keep track of and how you track those tasks.  I track and report the following:

  • Injury evaluation
  • Injury re-evaluation
  • Moist hot pack application
  • Ice/Cold pack application
  • Whirlpool
  • Electrical stimulation
  • Ultrasound
  • Massage
  • Manual therapy Technique
  • Supervised exercise (cardio, fitness, etc.)
  • Therapeutic exercise
  • Tape (shoulder, elbow/wrist, hand/fingers, hip, knee/shin, ankle, foot/toes)
  • Neuro-cognitive testing (Baseline)
  • Neuro-cognitive testing (Post concussion)
  • Game coverage @ $25/hr, only account for games that you are physically on the sideline

I used a spreadsheet to generate my report.  In the first row across the top I put each of the categories listed above.  In the first column I put the week.  In each cell I put the total treatments under each category for that week.  At the bottom of each column, I placed the monetary value of each category based on the current reimbursement rate for that CPT code category.  I then had the spreadsheet calculate a total dollar value of that category by multiplying the number of treatments by the dollar value.  This was repeated for every column so that every column as a total number of treatments, a dollar value for each treatment and a total value for all treatments rendered in each category.  The spreadsheet can calculate a grand total value for services given by adding up each grand total.

Once you have set up the spreadsheet in a format that you like, you can use it over and over again saving it as a different file for each season and each year.  Using this strategy, you can compare services provided year after year and have tangible proof of the work you do.

Having yearly reports for multiple years would also be helpful if sports are added and you feel the need for a more staff.  Arming yourself with more information and proving that the money spent on your salary is easily returned in medical services provided multiplied should make the argument for increased staffing.

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