News – NFL’s only female ATC headed to Super Bowl

31 Jan

Pittsburgh, PA – Ariko Iso is the first and only female ATC in the NFL and she is headed to the Super Bowl!

Each day is a dream-come-true for the 1993 Oregon State alum. Iso, 40, is the first and only full-time female athletic trainer in the NFL.

Her struggle in her field was just as difficult as the players. So these moments are cherished.

“Everybody on this team works for the same thing, including the equipment guys, the scouts,” Iso said. “Everyone works for this moment. Our part is so small, but we’ll do anything for the players and coaches. It’s their stage, but we are happy to be part of it.”

Iso spent last week getting ready for Super Bowl week, while carrying on her normal duties of stretching players, taping injuries and helping them recover from various aliments.

Packing was also done so she’s ready for a week of work and play.

“It is still exciting, that’s for sure,” Iso said of the buildup. “But every time I’ve been there it doesn’t really hit me until I get there.”

According to the NATA’s December, 2010 membership statistics, female athletic trainers make up 52% of the membership while men make up 48%.  The largest job setting for ATs is the college with the secondary school setting a close second.  Professional sports only accounts for 3% of athletic trainers but most of them are predominately males.  Ariko Iso has opened the door for female athletic trainers since she has performed an outstanding job for the Pittsburgh Steelers.  It is my hope that ALL athletic training applicants to a job no matter the setting are judged solely by their ability, not by their race or sex.  That day has yet to come in the NFL it seems, but hopefully one day it will.


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