News – ATC Revives Ref with AED

30 Jan

Sioux Falls, SD – O’Gorman High School’s athletic trainer, Rochelle Lauret, quickly identified cardiac arrest suffered by Dan Sudbeck at half time of a girls’ basketball game, 1/27/2011.  When she first responded, Dan was unresponsive and had no pulse.  She quickly applied the AED which shocked his heart back into rhythm on the first shock.  By the time the ambulance arrived, Dan was reported to actually be alert, talking and giving Rochelle a medical history!

This is a textbook case of CPR and AED application that health care professionals review every time they renew their CPR certification.  The writer of the article states:

The incident helped illustrate the importance of having AEDs available in schools and other public facilities to handle such emergencies.

I would also add that the incident helps to illustrate the importance of having an ATC to properly identify the need for the AED and to quickly administer CPR at every high school.  It is important to have the proper safety equipment as well as a highly trained health care professional that understands when and where to use it.

Full article

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