News – What it takes to get to the Super Bowl

28 Jan

Pella, Iowa – What does it take to make it to the Super Bowl as an athletic trainer?  A feature story on Nate Weir lets you know the hours that he has put in as an intern, as a student-athlete and a student athletic trainer at Central College in Iowa.

Dutch men’s soccer coach Garry Laidlaw saw many of the same NFL-caliber qualities in Weir, who later earned a master’s degree from California University (Pa.).

“There’s no question Nate was always a very committed individual,” Laidlaw says. “He worked as hard as anybody in the program and applied that work ethic to life away from the soccer pitch as well. So I’m not surprised he’s doing so well. I’m really happy for him.”

It’s not 9-to-5 with golf on the weekends. It’s tough work. Weir labors daily from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. –every day since July 25. That includes Thanksgiving, Christmas, Columbus Day and whatever other holidays bankers faithfully observe. But Weir says he left Central ready for his NFL challenge.

“Central prepared me for athletic training but the biggest thing is the intangibles Central  provides. Just being able to live on your own and handle things. Being comfortable in certain situations and problem-solving. The way Central’s program works, you kind of get thrown into the fire right away.  What John (Roslien) and (head athletic trainer) Leslie (Duinink) provided for us was being able to get our feet wet and apply what we learned in class, but also develop some of our own style.

“At Central, John helped me see what the profession is like. You see his passion and that rubbed off on me.

“Soccer was the same way. You mold those two together, classes and soccer, they helped prepare me a lot more than I can even describe.”


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