News – In the Training Room at Valparaiso U.

27 Jan

Valparaiso, IN – The work of head athletic trainer at Valparaiso Rod Moore is highlighted in this behind the scenes look at athletic training.

It’s 3 p.m. on Tuesday afternoon — and it’s a madhouse in the training room at Valparaiso’s Athletics-Recreation Center. Men’s basketball players, women’s basketball players, soccer players, football players, track runners and throwers — they’re all stuffed in here. All crammed into a tiny room, waiting for a turn on one of the four beds or five tables. Waiting to have their ankles tapes. Or their wrists. Or both. Waiting for some electrical stimulation on a bad back or an aching hip. Waiting for a massage. For a heating pad. For a turn in the ice tub.

At the center of it all is Moore, who’s been the Crusaders’ head athletic trainer since 1967.

And right now, he’s a little busy.

His three assistant athletic trainers, four graduate assistants and handful of student helpers mostly worry about the other sports. Moore’s job right now is to get the men’s basketball team ready for the 3:30 practice.

It’s no easy task today, as the Crusaders look like the walking wounded after a week that dropped them into a tie for first place in the Horizon League, and left players, coaches and fans nervous that several key players could be out for Saturday’s highly anticipated home game against perennial conference champion Butler.

Rod has been at Valpo since 1967 and he still performs his job with the same passion he had when he started.  The writer really goes into some depth exploring all aspects of the athletic trainer’s job.  It is well worth the time to read the article and be inspired by the life’s work that Rod has put into athletic training.

Athletic training was born over 70 years ago in the college setting thanks to professionals like Rod Moore who saw a need to care for injured athletes.  This article is a great look into the service and care that athletic trainers provide to injured athletes.


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