News – Athletic Trainers’ Opinion on Rhabdomyolosis

27 Jan

Moline, IA – Athletic trainers are experts in the field of athletic injury and illness.  Recently, several University of Iowa football players were sent to the hospital after intense exercise sessions resulted in rhabdomyolosis.  Since few people know what this condition is, a news writer contact 2 athletic trainers for their expertise in sports medicine.

“It’s not pretty,” said Vince Fedorowich, the head athletic trainer with the Quad-City Mallards hockey team. Fedorowich said he has not seen a diagnosed case of rhabdomyolysis, but does have experience with extreme dehydration in athletes.

To reach that point, the athletes must do intense exercise in a short period of time, such as 100 squats very quickly or blistering through a typical weight room workout with the weights set at the highest level, he said.

Brent Yotty, a trainer for Moline High School, said rhabdomyolysis might come about after extreme exercise of a specific muscle group. It also might be related to muscle supplements, he said.


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