News – ATs Vital to Athletes’ Health

26 Jan

Twin Falls, ID – The title of this article wraps up piece nicely: “Athletic trainers vital to athletes’ health, but in short supply in Magic Valley“.

In the article, the author pens:

Simply put, athletic trainers play a vital role in the development and safety of athletes in the high school and college setting and are instrumental in getting athletes back on the field doing what they love.

“When an athlete is hurt and after the initial care, if I feel it’s something over my head, I can talk with a doctor or specialist and the athlete’s parents and set them up with an appointment,” Rey said. “One of the most invaluable things is, say they get an ankle sprain, they don’t have to go to the emergency room and be in a walking boot for six weeks. They start treatment and healing that day. It’s decreasing healing time, decreasing their time to return to play and increasing their strength for the future. When the doctor sees them, they’re not starting from scratch. They’ve talked with me and know what happened and the parents can skip the step of seeing their family doctor who will refer them to a specialist.”

One advantage of having an athletic trainer at the high school is the regular contact they have with students, seeing them not only in practices and games, but in class or in the hallways or at lunch.

“That’s the nice thing that happens when you have an athletic trainer at the high school, you saw what happened the night before and expect to see them at school the next day, so I can let the coach know,” said Twin Falls High athletic trainer Allyn Reynolds. “Whereas the coach may take care of it and then who knows what the kid is going to do between now and when the coach is going to see them.”

This is one a great article illustrating the value of athletic trainers at the high school and collegiate setting.


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