News – Athletic Trainers to work with high school athletes

26 Jan

Salisbury, NC – Rowan Regional Medical Center will be expanding their service to the surrounding community by sending 3 certified athletic trainers to the local high schools.  These ATs will provide much needed care to the injured athletes at the high school.

Right now, RoMed will send someone out to all of the high schools once a week to do a quick injury evaluation,” said Dr. Jim Sabo, East Rowan’s certified athletic trainer. “That’s great, but what happens the rest of the time?”

Sabo, who will serve as director of the athletic training program, said adding three full-time trainers will benefit students.

“It’s going to take the welfare of the student athletes to a whole new level of care,” he said.

Dr. Harrison Latimer, orthopedic surgeon and medical director for RoMedical’s sports medicine program, said more manpower will allow athletic trainers to pay closer attention to details that could affect athletes later.

While the AT access situation of 1 day per week is less than ideal, it is a foot in the door.  Once the athletes, parents and coaches realize the role and value of the athletic trainer in the high school, they will be desiring more access.  That desire on the part of the parents and coaches may result in the creation of full-time coverage in the high schools.

Full article

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