News – ATC saves Referee’s Life

26 Jan

Raymond, NH – Mike Thompson, ATC at Raymond High School along with an EMT and 2 nurses were instrumental in reviving a referee in the waning seconds of a JV basketball game.

Raymond High School Athletic Director, Davinney Brazeau, was at the scene when the referee collapsed and was revived. She said the man had suffered a heart attack but the quick response, and availability of the AED, may have saved his life.

“It is truly amazing what took place in the gym last night,” Brazeau said.

Brazeau said everything came together, including the presence of EMT Samantha Larrabee. Her grandmother sells tickets at the games, and she had come to wish her a happy birthday. The two nurses, Cyndi Campbell and Jami Dion, are parents of student athletes and athletic trainer, Mike Thompson was hired through Access Sports Medicine for all home games.

I am so happy that the school administration and school board contracted the services of an athletic trainer for the home games.  This situation clearly illustrates the value of having an ATC on staff to provide care not only to the athletes on the floor, but the referees who officiate the games.  I am sure there is a wife, some kids and possibly some grandkids who are grateful to have their loved one still with them.

Full article.

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