News Article – NY High Schools Implement Impact Testing

25 Jan

A few NY area high schools are implementing Impact testing.   In the article, the work of the athletic trainer at the Longwood School District, Michelle Cordova,  was highlighted:

Ms. Cordova highlighted the aspect of the program that assists in clearing athletes to resume playing, noting that some doctors who are not trained in concussion management have cleared student athletes still suffering concussion symptoms.

She told the story of a Longwood student athlete who was cleared by a neurologist while still grossly suffering concussion systems. School athletic officials didn’t let the athlete return to sports games for two months after the neurologist gave his okay.

Her story highlights the importance of access to athletic trainers at high schools.  So many doctors, who have the state authority clear concussed athletes, don’t have the education or up to date information on concussions.  All athletic trainers who maintain their certification and their membership in the NATA have easy access to the latest research and concensus statements on concussions.

Read the full article.

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