NATA Video – Secondary School Summit

18 Jan

In 2010, the NATA National Convention was held in Philadelphia, PA.  Since I live only 80 miles from downtown Philly, I went and among the courses that I attended was the Secondary School Summit.  This summit featured 5 speakers who have spent many years at the high school level.  It was obvious that these 5 speakers loved the Secondary School setting as much as anyone and held themselves to the highest of professional standards.  I was completely inspired to be a better ATC to my athletes and also to begin to promote the profession more and to give back to the profession.

The summit was the absolute best course that I have ever attended for athletic training and it is what lead me to start this blog.  I had one disappointment with the course and that was with the lack of attendance.  I would venture to say that there were 40-50 ATCs at the summit, but probably only 25 of us attended the entire session.  This was disappointing because there were easily over 1,000 secondary school ATCs at the Secondary School Committee Report and Meeting the day before.  But the lack of attendants made the summit more personable and I was able to begin a professional friendship with most of the speakers after they spoke.

I urge each and every Secondary School ATC happens to read this little blog to take the time to watch the videos on the NATA website (here).   It will be well worth your time.

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