News Article – Athletes Face Tough Decisions

17 Jan

The Deseret News out of Salt Lake City published an inside look into the decision process of not returning to play after concussions.  In the article (here), Amy Donaldson reports

After [Steven] Thomas’ concussion this past season, he met daily with Morris [ATC, Kevin Morris]  and the medical staff. He realized in talking to doctors that he’d had several minor concussions as a young football player. They went undiagnosed because he didn’t lose consciousness and had no lingering problems. Still, he tried not to let his love for the game cloud his judgment.

The athletic trainer can play an important role in advising the athlete to return to play or to never play the sport again.  This is a tough decision to make and the athletic trainer can help the athlete make the best decision by being a voice of experience both medically and athletically.  This is a unique role that the AT can fill that so few people can fill.

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