News Article – ATC saves Two Lives

17 Jan

One of the ATCs at Central College in Pella, Iowa was instrumental in saving a life:

But when two Pella residents went into cardiac arrest last spring, Viesselman and other Central College athletic trainers played instrumental roles in saving their lives. The two men may not have survived if the trainers weren’t around to perform CPR and employ the AED (Automatic External Defibrillator) right away. Their quick response was vital.

Then just 60 days later, the ATCs were called to action once again:

Showing signs of heat exhaustion, McCann was taken to the training room and put in a cold whirlpool.

“Initially he started to get better,” Viesselman said. “He was able to speak easier and he said he was feeling better but then all of a sudden he went into cardiac arrest.”

Holding a towel around McCann to keep him from sliding down in the tank, Houser helped get McCann out of the water before calling 911 as Viesselman started CPR and Duinink got the AED.

“We grabbed the one we used on Nollen because we just replaced the pads,” Viesselman said. “But it didn’t initially read the heart rate or lack of heart rate so we had to switch to another AED.”

One shock stabilized McCann. The paramedics took him to the Pella Regional Health Center where he was transported to Mercy in Des Moines to have a stint placed.

“I can’t say enough for Chris, Leslie and Duane,” McCann said. “With their knowledge and staying calm under pressure, they’re just remarkable people to do something like that.”

 It is worth noting that both of these incidents were well outside the job that ATCs are hired today – provide health care to the athletes at Central College.  This report reveals the care that ATCs provide anone they come in contact with.  When an ATC sees someone in need, they act.  The 2nd incident seemed initially like a heat illness issue and still the ATs treated the 53 yr. old just like one of their athletes!  It was provedential that these ATs cared for him so well because as reported, he went into cardiac arrest. 

It is a good thing that Central College has ATs around to provide care for the athletes and the community who uses the facilities.

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