Blog – Vern Gambetta “Just Train”

17 Jan

Vern Gambetta is known as the father of Functional Training and he also has a valuable blog that is a must read for anyone involved in training healthy athletes.  He recently had an entry that is of great interest to athletic trainers entitled “Just Train“.  Here is a snipet of what he wrote:

Stop looking for dysfunctions and imbalances. Look for functionality and train propriability. Athletes are not normal by the very nature of what they are trying to do; they are constantly operating at the edge of the performance envelope. We need to bulletproof them by leaving no stone unturned in their training programs. Give them the where with all to operate at the edge.

Bookmark his blog, he always presents thought provoking ideas.  His philosophy comes from decades of real-life experience working with athletes at all levels.  He knows his stuff.

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