News Article – Fracture Statistics in High School Sports

13 Jan

In a research study from the Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Columbus, Ohio, fracture rates were calculated.  Read the original article here. The numbers extrapolate to 568,000 fractures suffered by US high sch0ol athletes in 2009-2010.  I was one of the 100 high school athletic trainers who weekly entered data into the database.  This is an important database and a great resource for the athletic training profession.

The National Federation of High School’s Participation Statistics show that over 7 million high school athletes participated in a sport during the reporting period.  So roughly 1 in 14 athletes suffers a fracture during the school year.  These fractures would include the severe tib-fib fractures to the minor finger fracture.  The article also does a nice job of reporting injury rates for popular boys’ and girls’ sports and noting the difference in injury rates between the two.

Keep in mind that NATA statistics reveal that only 42% of the nation’s high school provide access to athletic training services.  Simple math, which may or may not be accurate, tells me that probably around 238,ooo athletes who suffered a fracture didn’t have access to an ATC.  This lack of access to an AT would profoundly effect the quick assessment and long term rehabilitation of these athletes.

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