News Article – Wyo. lawmakers to consider concussions bill

12 Jan

The state of Wyoming is considering a law aim to protect high school athletes from returning to play after a concussion.   In an article from Wyoming’s, the Associated Press reports…

The primary purpose of the bill, Landen said, is provide and require education for all those involved with high school athletics: coaches, athletes, parents and administrators.

It would also require the school districts to work with the state Department of Education to establish protocols and training for an “athletic coach or trainer” to recognize concussion and head injury symptoms, signs and behaviors.

Athletic coach or trainer, as defined in the bill, includes any paid or volunteer individual whose responsibilities include coaching, athletic training or advising a school athletic team or club.

This is the first purposed state law that I have seen that would require the schools to have someone at each school educated in concussion assessment and awareness.  It looks like the bill will stop short of requiring an ATC, but the wording is such that many of the schools may just want to hire one if they can.  I hope that most schools see the need to hire an ATC to comply with this bill if the bill passes into law.

My thinking about all this is if the state board of education mandates access to a school nurse for public school students, then the same reasoning should be applied to the same students who are athletes after school.  Athletic training services at the high school level are as important as the services the school nurse provides to the students!


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