News Article – P-CEP Athletic Trainers are the Park’s Esteemed Healers

11 Jan

Plymouth Michigan school district employs 3 certified athletic trainers to care for the 3 high schools in the district.   The Plymouth Patch has a great article highlighting the many services these athletic trainers provide to the athletes.

“The coolest thing about this job is that when a kid gets hurt and they’re removed from play, we have the ability to work with them and return them as quickly as possible and as safely as possible back to play,” said Bowers, Salem’s athletic trainer since 1998. “It’s very rewarding to see a kid who we’ve spent hours and hours and hours working with get back to their sport.”

“On top of that, having the ability to be part of the entire process is rewarding,” said Edgerton, Canton’s athletic trainer since 2006. “We’re not seeing them after they get hurt; we’re seeing them when they get hurt, we’re seeing them the day after they get hurt and pretty much every day thereafter until they’re healthy enough to play again.

“Being a part of an athlete’s entire recovery process – and eventually seeing them score a touchdown – is a nice feeling.”

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