News Article – Athletic Trainer, Coach and Nurse save an Athletes Life

9 Jan

This story, from Milford, Connecticut, is another real-life example of why athletic trainers are needed in America’s high schools.  According to the story, a substitute AT, the head coach, the referee and a good-samaritan nurse are all credited with saving the life of an injured ice hockey player.   The defenseman was reportedly hit in the chest by a puck and his heart stopped.  Kudos to the administration of this hockey team for ensuring the coach had CPR certification and for providing an athletic trainer on site.  More kudos to whoever was responsible in the decision to have an AED on site.

It is interesting to note that it took a team of qualified personnel to tend to the needs of this life threatening situation.  While mandating CPR for coaches is a good thing, it may not be enough.  While hiring a doctor or a nurse for home game coverage, the injuries that occur at practice go uncared for.  It is important to provide adequate health care services to all athletes at all levels (not just varsity level) for games and practices.  The most qualified profession to provide this care is a Certified Athletic Trainer.

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