News Article – USA Today

7 Jan

The USA Today published this article way back in 2008, but much of what was written then is still true today.  The writer does a good job of informing the reader of the need for ATs in American high schools and writes that less than 42% of high schools have access to an athletic trainer.

I particularly found the following bullet points to be very educational:

Among other strategies recommended by the task force:

•Use of pre-participation physicals to identify athletes who may be at risk of injuries or have medical conditions that could be life-threatening during sports.

• Make sure protective equipment, such as a football helmet, is properly fitted and maintained.

• Establish policies on “hazardous environmental conditions,” which could include heat and lightning.

• Have “qualified individuals on site who can not only care for the injured but also make decisions on when they can return to play.

• Provide nutritional counseling and identify athletes with such potential problems as eating disorders so they can be referred to appropriate treatment.

These bullet points very accurately portray what I do an a very regular basis for the athletes and teams at the school I work for.  I can’t imagine what those 58% of schools who have no access to an AT do to fill this void in athletic health care.

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