News Article – What He Wants for Christmas

5 Jan

I saw this great article linked on Facebook written by an MD in Maine.  Dr. James Glazer is the author and his opening line says it all:

“All I want for Christmas this year is an athletic trainer for each of Maine’s high schools. I know it is a lot to ask, but I’ll explain why it is so important.”
I couldn’t agree with him more, but I would go further to say that I want every high school in the USA to have an athletic trainer!

He also writes that an athletic trainer “the most essential piece of safety equipment” that a high school athlete can have.  That sounds like a great motto or T-Shirt saying to me!

After reading this article, deductive reasoning leads me to think that Dr. Glazer has worked with some very good High School Athletic Trainers.  He views the profession is such a great light only because of the professional interaction that he has experienced with these unknown ATCs.  This type of interaction between ATs and the general public or other health care providers in what this blog is all about!

Now, go out there and PROMOTE THE PROFESSION!

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