Introduction to PromotetheProfession

3 Jan

PromotetheProfession is a blog promoting athletic training in America’s High Schools.   Athletic trainers (ATCs or ATs for short) are a highly trained, health-care professional who care for the nations physically active population.  ATs work with college teams, with professional teams, in high school athletic departments, in physical therapy clinics and recently expanded into the industrial field working with blue collar workers.

Young people with humble personalities are often drawn to athletic training because they love sports but much of the work  is done behind the scenes away from the limelight.  Most of the ATs work is done long before a game or practice and the AT often stays long after practice and games are over to care for the injured athlete.  We rarely get noticed and that suits our humble nature.  We don’t want the attention, we just enjoy watching our athletes perform again knowing we had a part in it.  But, because of this humble nature, ATs often miss opportunities to promote the profession of athletic training.  We don’t like to put ourselves in the limelight, seek attention or come off as arrogant or self-promoting.

The aim of this blog is to give ideas to Athletic Trainers on simple ways to Promote The Profession of Athletic Training.  Many of the blog entries will focus on promoting the profession in the high school setting because that is where I have spent my life and have most of my experience.

I hope that you enjoy reading my posts and that it causes you to think of ways that you can proactively Promote the Profession of athletic training.

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